Master Buffness: “I are a sophisticated cat.”

Born: July 2018

Nicknames: Master Buffness, Turd, Floppy Cat

Favorite Food: If it fits, I eats

Skills: Master cereal hunter, skilled nose plugger, talented goofball, definite momma’s boy

Modesty? Heck no. My buff balls, let me show you them.

Born underneath a neighbor’s shed alongside his notably smaller sister Lucy, he won the hearts of many a neighbor and ultimately his mommy and daddy with his magical buff fur. Daddy was not initially interested in keeping a male cat, but Linus saw fit to win over daddy’s heart with his buff magic. Linus may love his daddy very much, but he’s undoubtedly a momma’s boy.

I love my daddy very much.

Linus’s early morning (it’s so early, the roosters are still asleep!) ritual consists of a long session of midnight zoomies with his sister, followed by some chomping practice on daddy’s toes. Once he’s got his fix of midnight mischief, he turns his attention to his sleeping mommy and proceeds to saunter over to her face and announce his presence with loud purrs. When that doesn’t stir her awake, he proceeds to plug one of his mommy’s nostrils perfectly with his pink nose while simultaneously licking her face until she is awake.

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